What it is

DENTONING: \dent\un\ing
(intransitive verb)

1: the experience of enjoying/discovering/exploring all that the great City of Denton, TX
has to offer
2: the discussion of pertinent/impertinent/fun/serious
/political subjects involving the great City of Denton (or anything else this blogger wants to discuss)
3: an event/occurrence /incident happening in the great City of Denton

This blog represents a move to a new home for “Dentoning”……the blog, not the pastime. The activity just magically happens, the blog doesn’t. But almost…..at times it’s basically just a case of mental diarrhea on my part. A limited definition is given above, but there is so much more to it, and it evolves and changes as Denton and Dentonites change. The move to my own blog provides me with broader parameters, which will allow me to write about anything “Denton” I choose ………it’s all good!

I hope this website will provide a new resource, a new outlet, a new way of experiencing Denton.

When you think of Dentoning the possibilities are infinite. Denton has always been a cool place and it just gets cooler by the day. Just that fact gives me endless things to write about and on which to pontificate. I’ll do my best to do more of the former and less of the latter. I never feel very pontifical anyway…..

Denton is an arts town …all arts, but it’s known primarily for its music. Some have taken to calling it “Little Austin”, but Denton is now what Austin wishes it still was. We are developing and fine-tuning our cityality, and it’s just going to get better and better. The term “Little d” may describe our proximity to Big D, but in no way should be viewed as us taking a second seat to our neighbor to the south. The music of Denton beats Dallas, hands down.

Denton is the 7th fastest growing city in the US. When I first heard that, I thought …….”bummer, there goes our town”, but Denton has undergone rapid growth in the past 25 years and has managed to maintain the small-town feel and ambiance we all love. There is no reason that trend can’t continue. If growth is supervised (I hate to use the word “managed”) correctly, and we make sure to preserve everything that causes Denton to be the 7th fastest growing city in the US, we can expand and fortify all that makes Denton special. It can be a win-win scenario.

The blog, Dentoning, will take on all that it represents………our city, our history, our future, it’s people……… it’s being. Please feel free to participate! If you have a story, an idea, a secret…….please contact me at: dentoning@gmail.com. This will be fun!

Enjoy Denton!!

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