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Does Denton need a Nanny?

Our country was founded on Freedom. The Freedom to live our lives the way we want. The Boston Tea Party sparked the American Revolution which gave us the freedoms we now hold dear. That Tea Party was a protest regarding someone else (Britain) telling our forefathers what they could and couldn’t do. As long as what we do does not harm others and is legal, we are free to do pretty much what we want.

Two years ago, the Denton City Council formed an ad hoc committee to come up with smoking guidelines for the City. The group consisted of bar owners, physicians, professors and several others with backgrounds reflective of Denton. I was a member of that committee. We came up with a policy the City Council agreed with and adopted. The policy banned smoking in areas you’d expect such as schools, parks, public buildings etc. When it came to bars, the guidelines let the owners decide how to run their businesses with reasonable ages limitations.

The present City Council is now seriously considering a total ban.

Are non-smokers the only group with rights? Do business owners have the right to run their businesses?,

Smoking is legal. For full disclosure, I smoke an occasional cigar. With that said, I have complete knowledge of the health risks of smoking and I never smoke anywhere where others would disapprove. With cigars, one doesn’t inhale. There are still risks, but it is not the same as cigarette smoking. People who do smoke are doing nothing illegal.

The over-riding issue is personal freedom.

If a business owner wants to allow smoking in their establishment, is it up to the City Council to tell them that they cannot? The business owner should have the right to allow smoking and the public should have the right NOT to frequent that establishment if they don’t want to be around smoke. Freedom for everyone!

If smoking was illegal, it would be a different story. It is not. Is it a good thing? No, but it’s legal.

Smoking though is not the issue here.

As Americans we are free to decide what we do. No one forces anyone to enter a smoke-filled business. No one forces anyone to work at said business. We have to take on the responsibility to do what is right for us. Do we really want others dictating what we can and cannot do when it is legal?

Freedom is the backbone of our great nation.

Taking away PERSONAL FREEDOMS of Denton Citizens is not the business of the City Council.

Denton doesn’t need a Nanny…….

Tom Lee, patriot


So, we’ve had several of days of the Frenchy flag citation fiasco.

Here are the facts: Frenchy has been operating out of the same lot for TWENTY-NINE YEARS with a Certificate of Occupancy (CO) for the property, but not for his business. Community Improvement Services…….a feel-good alternative name for CODE ENFORCEMENT supposedly got an anonymous complaint about Frenchy’s lot…..anonymous in that CIS won’t divulge who the person is.

That is pretty convenient.

How do we know that CIS didn’t just make it up due it’s longstanding dislike of Frenchy??

CIS then tells Frenchy that he must get a CO for his business AND he has to take down the 15 AMERICAN flags (CIS calls them “wind devices”) flying on his lot. Frenchy is a Vietnam vet, proud of his service, proud of his fellow veterans, proud of his country and proud of Denton.

Frenchy's flags

Frenchy’s flags

Our Nation's flags

Our Nation’s flags

Can there be really be too many AMERICAN flags??

First of all, if Frenchy has been in the same location, flying flags for 29 years, why wasn’t he issued a citation before now?………..say 29 years ago. That looks like ineptitude on the part of Lancine Bentley and the rest of CIS.

There has been a pattern of selective citations with CIS. I have talked to several ex-CIS employees who say they were fired for refusing to issue citations they were directed to issue at the selective whim of Lancine Bentley.

Discretion is one thing, selective targeting is something completely different.

Something else which many find strange and a possible conflict of interest, is the fact that Lancine Bentley is married to Brian Bentley, a commissioner on Denton’s Planning and Zoning Commission. Hmmmmmm……

Does that seem right to you?

As I said in the last thrilling episode of Dentoning, codes/ordinances/laws are there for a reason. They should be enforced evenly across the board, not selectively, and certainly not because someone might hold a grudge. They should also be enforced with discretion.

It seems to me that if something has been in the same place for TWENTY-NINE YEARS without a citation being issued, then that establishment should be grandfathered in, or as CIS likes to call it,……… “legally non-conforming”.

Frenchy is an iconic example of Denton’s eccentricity, liveliness, uniqueness, and vitality. Frenchy also has MANY supporters both in Denton and elsewhere.

On Friday, a Vietnam comrade in arms of Frenchy’s, Tom Lee, saw a DFW news story on TV about the situation, jumped in his car, drove to Denton from Rowlett and spent all day Friday in front of Frenchy’s flags………… his wheelchair…….because of two amputated legs…..which he lost in Vietnam………while defending our right to fly the AMERICAN flag(s).

Tom Lee, patriot

Tom Lee, patriot

Another veteran who wishes to remain anonymous, soon joined Mr. Lee and spent several hours in the sun, holding an AMERICAN flag as people drove by, waved, thumbs-upped, honked, yelled support, or stopped to visit.

A petition in support of Frenchy, posted by Dentonite Lezlie Mitchell Haynes, has over 5000 signatures in the first 48 hours of existence……

Glenn Carlton of the North Texas State Fairgrounds installed THIRTY AMERICAN flags along the fence bordering Carroll Blvd on Friday in a show of solidarity with Frenchy and his flags…….

Frenchy is Frenchy…….and Frenchy is an asset to Denton in multiple ways, some of which I mentioned in my last post. For CIS to go TWENTY-NINE YEARS without citing Frenchy for the flags,…….only to do so on Friday is silly.

The flags are a part of Denton………

I think the best solution is for the City of Denton to declare Frenchy’s flags “legally non-conforming” and walk away…….

I think if the City of Denton presses on with this issue, most of those 5000 people (and quite a few more) are not going to be very happy……



Denton, the town we choose to live in, is a cool place. Cool because of its history, cool because of its unsurpassed music, cool because of its unique demographics, cool because of our Square and surrounding areas, but especially cool because of the people who live here.

Andre Rheault, “Frenchy” is one of those people. Frenchy’s orange vans have been an iconic part of Denton for decades. Frenchy does a lot for the City of Denton……and when I say “a lot” that is an understatement. Frenchy is selfless when it comes to loaning anything he has to the numerous events that help define Denton.

Frenchy “adopts” parts of Denton to help keep it the beautiful town we all so love.

Frenchy is a Denton ambassador, helping keep Denton in the limelight…….which translates to a better economy.

Frenchy is dedicated to US Veterans………the people who have given so much to allow us the privilege of living in such a great country and city.

Frenchy is now being targeted by the City of Denton over code violations, primarily due to the constant and petty complaints of ONE individual. Frenchy is an asset to Denton. Should the complaints of one Denton citizen overrule the fondness for Frenchy of the majority of Dentonites? Should one person cause the City of Denton to harass a man who does so much for Denton?

Frenchy has 15 AMERICAN flags flying proudly on his lot…….in a commercial area.

The City wants that reduced to one.

Codes are in place for a reason. But codes are handled with discretion on a regular basis. I know of numerous people who say they know they are “home” when they see Frenchy’s flags on Dallas Drive.

I also find it unusually coincidental that a member of Denton’s Planning and Zoning Commission (who is married to a Denton Code Enforcement official) was out-voted on a sign variance by the rest of the Commission (which used discretion and approved a larger sign at a certain location)….and within days Frenchy is targeted by Code Enforcement. Was a message being sent?

Frenchy is a part of what makes Denton…..Denton.

Frenchy is eccentric… is Denton.

Now is the time to show support for Frenchy who has worked from the same place on Dallas Drive for 29 years……..why is this harassment happening now?

His AMERICAN flags are a constant reminder of the greatness of our country, our town, our way of life.

Denton has a reputation for being “different”. Let’s keep it that way.

“North of Ordinary” is not just a slogan……

Shame on the City of Denton for putting this man who has done so much for Denton in this position.

Former Denton Mayor, Euline Brock

Dentoning….1st guest blogger- Former Denton Mayor, Euline Brock

Dentoning is what it is in no small part to the vision, wisdom and hard work of former Denton Mayor, Euline Brock. It is with enormous respect, and an honor to me, that former Denton Mayor, Euline Brock, becomes Dentoning’s first guest blogger:

Former Denton Mayor, Euline Brock

Former Denton Mayor, Euline Brock

“Early voting for the May 10 city election is underway, and we are being swamped with newspaper ads, letters to the editor, mailings, and messages on social media.

It’s time to sort out some of the claims that have been made and look at the facts. I am supporting Jean Schaake because I believe she would be an excellent mayor, but also because I am concerned about Chris Watts’ qualifications for that important job.

You may have examined the large Schaake ad in last Sunday’s DRC (April 27). If you looked closely, you could see that the two mayors Chris served with—Perry McNeill (2006-08) and Mark Burroughs (2008-14)—are both supporting Jean Schaake over Chris Watts.

In addition, other past mayors are also supporting Jean—Jack Miller (1996-00), Euline Brock (2000-06), and Bill Neu (1973-75). These are people who know what it takes to be an effective mayor, and they have chosen Jean Schaake over Chris Watts.

The ad also lists current and former council members who support Jean Schaake. Four of those served with Chris Watts—Pete Kamp, James King, Bob Montgomery, and Jack Thomson. [The other three—Roni Beasley, Guy McElroy, and Randall Boyd—served on earlier councils.] Joe Mulroy is supporting Chris, which is not surprising given their mentor/mentee relationship. No other council colleague has come forward to endorse him.

After each election, the council elects the Mayor Pro Tem from among their number. In Chris Watts’ six years on council, not once did his colleagues have enough respect for his leadership abilities to elect him to this important position. And he wants us to believe he is a leader, a consensus builder?

(Chris’s followers have pointed to his election as president of the TMPA board as evidence of his leadership qualities. They have neglected to mention that the TMPA presidency is rotated among the four member cities—and it was Denton’s turn.)

Jean Schaake does not believe that labeling Denton as “anti-business” is a good way to promote desirable economic development.

Jean Schaake understands that our downtown is not only the heart of our community, but is a major economic development tool. Chris Watts voted against a downtown TIF (tax-increment-financing) and has repeatedly said that the city is paying too much attention to that area. He is equally contemptuous of the A-train and is unable to see what DCTA means for Denton’s future, especially for economic development.

Jean Schaake did not wait until she was running for mayor—or for any other office—to start supporting charities and community service projects.

Jean Schaake has not only proved that she is an effective leader, but she is totally honest and honorable—a person of real integrity.”

Euline Brock

(Mayor, 2000-2006; City Council, 1992-1998; Planning and Zoning, 1986-1992)


Dentoning….Voter beware….emails and details

Dentoning’s very first post reserved the right to discuss Denton politics. While this blog is written primarily to discuss the daily delights of our humble (?) burg, occasionally an issue arises that has the potential to affect our beloved Dentoning.

Truth in political campaigning SHOULD be paramount in the time leading up to an election. I mean, if you can’t trust a candidate in what they tell you to get your vote, how can you trust them if they should get into office?

Misinformation, twisted facts and disingenuousness have no place in Denton politics.

Unfortunately, an extremely misleading issue was injected into the current mayoral election by candidate Chris Watts in his opening statement at the first major forum…….the Denia Forum.

During his opening remarks, Chris started a negative campaign to become our mayor by wagging his finger at his opponent, Jean Schaake, claiming erroneously that she was solely responsible for the Denton Area Teacher’s Credit Union’s (DATCU) decision to abandon Denton and move to Corinth.


(He and DATCU continue to make this claim)

This claim stems from Dr. Schaake’s current LEADERSHIP role as chair of Denton’s Planning and Zoning (P&Z) commission. Chris Watts, and Watts supporter, DATCU, submit that Schaake’s vote (as part of P&Z) RECOMMENDING to the FINAL decision-making body, City Council, that DATCU be denied their request for a zoning change, allowing it to move its headquarters to a primarily residential area on Teasley…….caused the credit union to abandon it’s plan to remain in Denton.

Seems like a lot of power for one person to scare a large Denton business to change major plans.

But the truth is in the details and the emails……

First…….P&Z answers only to the Denton City Council……It is solely an ADVISORY body in matters of zoning.

To claim that Dr. Schaake’s vote (ONE of _______) made the difference is both disingenuous and extremely misleading…………….especially when you look at the subsequent events…..

After the advisory vote by P&Z…….and BEFORE the City Council could make a FINAL decision on the issue………DATCU PULLED it’s request for a variance on the Teasley property.

Again, LOTS of power for ONE P&Z member!?!??

What Mr. Watts and DATCU continuously fail to mention is that there was an immediate effort by the City of Denton to persuade the credit union to remain in Denton…………AT THE TEASLEY LOCATION!

In an email dated 9/27/13, and obtained through an Open Records request, Dale Kimble, President/CEO states to Asst. City Manager, John Cabrales…………..that after his request to pull DATCU’s request:

I then had calls, visits from James King, Dalton Gregory, Pete Kamp, Mark Burroughs, Kevin Roden and George Cambell (sic) all encouraging us to reconsider our decision re: Teasley. I understood George to say those incentives could be considered and he asked if we wanted to stay on the (City Council’s) agenda, I expressed to him we would have to know about incentives before I would say we’d proceed. Without incentives the conversation about property in Corinth is much more attractive to us and less costly for our members.

Subsequently, in an email from Denton City Manager, George Campbell dated 9/30/13, obtained through an Open Records request, Mr. Campbell stated:

Although DATCU had not, prior to identifying the Teasley site as a potential location for the relocation/expansion of your corporate office, requested any type of economic incentives, I did express the opinion that such an expansion at any Denton site would qualify for incentive consideration by the City.

In the same email, The Denton City Manager went on to state:

………and if you elect to build your new administrative offices in Denton, you WILL (emphasis added) be eligible for an economic development incentive. I am prepared to recommend, and advocate for, an incentive in the range of a $500,000-$600,000 over a 7-10 year period to the Economic Development Partnership and to City Council. I am, of course open to DATCU’s needs and concerns in this regard.

While the City Council will make final decisions regarding the zoning case, if it moves forward, and any economics development incentives, please know I pledge my support to both. I firmly believe both DATCU and the City of Denton will benefit by DATCU’s remaining here, and I will do EVERYTHING (emphasis added) I can to insure this happens.

I genuinely hope you will carefully consider the zoning matter and incentive package and your long-standing relationship with the Denton community in your location decision. If there is anything else we can do to encourage you to retain your administrative offices in Denton, please let me know.


George C. Campbell
City Manager

The next day in an email to John Cabrales, Dale Kimble, President/CEO stated simply:

John I received a letter from George Cambell (sic) re: incentives. Please advise all appropriate people we do not wish to be on the city council agenda, nor are we asking for a delay. Thanks for your help.

Furthermore, in an email dated 9/27/13 to John Cabrales, Kimble bluntly states RE: the move to Corinth …….

…..but as we were forced to consider other options we found out that actually about 60% of our business is outside Denton city limits……….. Economically it’s just a much better financial decision.

So, back to misinformation, twisted “facts” and disingenuousness………

Chris Watts and DATCU blame P&Z (and Jean Schaake specifically) for DATCU’s decision to abandon Denton as the location for their administrative headquarters………..yet MOST of the Denton City Council and the Denton City Manager contacted DATCU asking them to reconsider their decision to withdraw from the TEASLEY SITE.

Not somewhere else in Denton, but the TEASLEY SITE. When did DATCU begin negotiating with Corinth?

So how does P&Z fit into this scenario? Council does occasionally disregard the recommendations of its advisory bodies. They recently over-ruled a recommendation by the Historic Landmark Commission, a board on which I serve. It seems according to the emails above that the Council was about do just that.

According to Dale Kimble himself, the majority of the City basically pleaded with him to keep DATCU in Denton. Additionally, half a MILLION dollars plus was offered as incentive for the credit union to stay in Denton at the TEASLEY LOCATION.

Yet………..DATCU (which supports Watts’ campaign) and Chris Watts would have you believe that one woman……..(who happens to be Mr. Watts’ political opponent)………… on one zoning-ADVISORY board, caused a major Denton business and major Denton employee to leave Denton.

Lots of power for one individual.

By the looks of it, it seems that DATCU was in need of a scapegoat in order not to appear the bad guys in abandoning Denton.

Doesn’t DATCU have the right to move anywhere they want?

Absolutely! Just be honest about the reason……


This is NOT Dentoning…….