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So, we’ve had several of days of the Frenchy flag citation fiasco.

Here are the facts: Frenchy has been operating out of the same lot for TWENTY-NINE YEARS with a Certificate of Occupancy (CO) for the property, but not for his business. Community Improvement Services…….a feel-good alternative name for CODE ENFORCEMENT supposedly got an anonymous complaint about Frenchy’s lot…..anonymous in that CIS won’t divulge who the person is.

That is pretty convenient.

How do we know that CIS didn’t just make it up due it’s longstanding dislike of Frenchy??

CIS then tells Frenchy that he must get a CO for his business AND he has to take down the 15 AMERICAN flags (CIS calls them “wind devices”) flying on his lot. Frenchy is a Vietnam vet, proud of his service, proud of his fellow veterans, proud of his country and proud of Denton.

Frenchy's flags

Frenchy’s flags

Our Nation's flags

Our Nation’s flags

Can there be really be too many AMERICAN flags??

First of all, if Frenchy has been in the same location, flying flags for 29 years, why wasn’t he issued a citation before now?………..say 29 years ago. That looks like ineptitude on the part of Lancine Bentley and the rest of CIS.

There has been a pattern of selective citations with CIS. I have talked to several ex-CIS employees who say they were fired for refusing to issue citations they were directed to issue at the selective whim of Lancine Bentley.

Discretion is one thing, selective targeting is something completely different.

Something else which many find strange and a possible conflict of interest, is the fact that Lancine Bentley is married to Brian Bentley, a commissioner on Denton’s Planning and Zoning Commission. Hmmmmmm……

Does that seem right to you?

As I said in the last thrilling episode of Dentoning, codes/ordinances/laws are there for a reason. They should be enforced evenly across the board, not selectively, and certainly not because someone might hold a grudge. They should also be enforced with discretion.

It seems to me that if something has been in the same place for TWENTY-NINE YEARS without a citation being issued, then that establishment should be grandfathered in, or as CIS likes to call it,……… “legally non-conforming”.

Frenchy is an iconic example of Denton’s eccentricity, liveliness, uniqueness, and vitality. Frenchy also has MANY supporters both in Denton and elsewhere.

On Friday, a Vietnam comrade in arms of Frenchy’s, Tom Lee, saw a DFW news story on TV about the situation, jumped in his car, drove to Denton from Rowlett and spent all day Friday in front of Frenchy’s flags………… his wheelchair…….because of two amputated legs…..which he lost in Vietnam………while defending our right to fly the AMERICAN flag(s).

Tom Lee, patriot

Tom Lee, patriot

Another veteran who wishes to remain anonymous, soon joined Mr. Lee and spent several hours in the sun, holding an AMERICAN flag as people drove by, waved, thumbs-upped, honked, yelled support, or stopped to visit.

A petition in support of Frenchy, posted by Dentonite Lezlie Mitchell Haynes, has over 5000 signatures in the first 48 hours of existence……

Glenn Carlton of the North Texas State Fairgrounds installed THIRTY AMERICAN flags along the fence bordering Carroll Blvd on Friday in a show of solidarity with Frenchy and his flags…….

Frenchy is Frenchy…….and Frenchy is an asset to Denton in multiple ways, some of which I mentioned in my last post. For CIS to go TWENTY-NINE YEARS without citing Frenchy for the flags,…….only to do so on Friday is silly.

The flags are a part of Denton………

I think the best solution is for the City of Denton to declare Frenchy’s flags “legally non-conforming” and walk away…….

I think if the City of Denton presses on with this issue, most of those 5000 people (and quite a few more) are not going to be very happy……

8 thoughts on “Frenchygate……..

  1. Gary Brown

    The more I hear about this the more upset I get . Please stop selecting certain individuals. Not sure if Denton is wanting to change the “look” of Denton. If so, stop please!

  2. John MacEnulty

    As a former resident of Denton, I remember Frenchy’s trucks well. I’ve already reached out to him to offer advice on how he can fight this.
    (I’ve been a Code Enforcement official for the City of St Louis for almost 20 years)

  3. Karen

    For anybody who wants to sign the petition, please contact Lezlie Mitchell Haynes thru Facebook. That’s where I found it, but I can’t find it tonight.

  4. Jim Harper

    Frenchy I hope you win this battle. They, the city, do have the power as they will possibly threaten you with a daily fine as they did me in Lewisville because of 2 boards that had some rot showing on them. I was never asked to make repairs they just send you a letter telling you when the fines start if you don’t do the repairs. I live in a house that part of it was built in 1920. Boards do rot and I had not even notice them. I am disabled and was unable to do the repairs my self. Can’t stand for very long and could not afford to pay to have it done. Thankfully some of my family and friends came to my rescue. I would have fixed it somehow if they had just asked, but that is not what they do. I am sure I am not the only one this has happened to. I do understand we have some control of this world we live in or things would really be a mess. But they, the city and their code enforcement officers can be respectful about the way they go about the control. I hope they decide to work with you and the folks can continue to enjoy your flags. Good luck and God bless you and this great country we live in. .

  5. Kyle Baker

    I have ancestors who were American Catholic when people were fleeing the oppression of the Catholic Church in England and yet fought in the Revolutionary war. I have Native American ancestors. My Grandfather fought in WW 2 and my father was in the National Guard between the political wars. I, thankfully grew up in a time when education and productivity were encouraged more than going somewhere to shoot at someone. This article and the comments seem to imply that because I was not in the U.S. armed forces during wartime that I cannot enjoy the unalienable rights, endowed by my creator. If someone lost two legs defending my “right” to put some cloth and ink on a stick, I would say “what a waste”. If someone lost two legs defending my right to say what I want, worship my creator, defend myself and family, live free of warrant less searches, engage in trade with other parties, replace a light switch or build a chain link fence without permission from the government, etc., I would say, “thank you from the bottom of my heart”.

  6. Helen Verdick

    oh yes we need to change Dentons look just a little by every house in Denton to put out a U.S.A. flag and fly it and every bussiness place put out a flag and fly it , just think what a beautiful
    sight our town would be then.


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