Denton, the town we choose to live in, is a cool place. Cool because of its history, cool because of its unsurpassed music, cool because of its unique demographics, cool because of our Square and surrounding areas, but especially cool because of the people who live here.

Andre Rheault, “Frenchy” is one of those people. Frenchy’s orange vans have been an iconic part of Denton for decades. Frenchy does a lot for the City of Denton……and when I say “a lot” that is an understatement. Frenchy is selfless when it comes to loaning anything he has to the numerous events that help define Denton.

Frenchy “adopts” parts of Denton to help keep it the beautiful town we all so love.

Frenchy is a Denton ambassador, helping keep Denton in the limelight…….which translates to a better economy.

Frenchy is dedicated to US Veterans………the people who have given so much to allow us the privilege of living in such a great country and city.

Frenchy is now being targeted by the City of Denton over code violations, primarily due to the constant and petty complaints of ONE individual. Frenchy is an asset to Denton. Should the complaints of one Denton citizen overrule the fondness for Frenchy of the majority of Dentonites? Should one person cause the City of Denton to harass a man who does so much for Denton?

Frenchy has 15 AMERICAN flags flying proudly on his lot…….in a commercial area.

The City wants that reduced to one.

Codes are in place for a reason. But codes are handled with discretion on a regular basis. I know of numerous people who say they know they are “home” when they see Frenchy’s flags on Dallas Drive.

I also find it unusually coincidental that a member of Denton’s Planning and Zoning Commission (who is married to a Denton Code Enforcement official) was out-voted on a sign variance by the rest of the Commission (which used discretion and approved a larger sign at a certain location)….and within days Frenchy is targeted by Code Enforcement. Was a message being sent?

Frenchy is a part of what makes Denton…..Denton.

Frenchy is eccentric… is Denton.

Now is the time to show support for Frenchy who has worked from the same place on Dallas Drive for 29 years……..why is this harassment happening now?

His AMERICAN flags are a constant reminder of the greatness of our country, our town, our way of life.

Denton has a reputation for being “different”. Let’s keep it that way.

“North of Ordinary” is not just a slogan……

Shame on the City of Denton for putting this man who has done so much for Denton in this position.

31 thoughts on “Frenchy….

  1. Karen Adams

    Disgraceful! But this is not the first Denton institution that has been targeted recently by Code Enforcement. The people of Denton CAN do something about this if they care enough. Years ago the Carrollton City Council passed an ordinance to force all the “unattractive” businesses along I-35 to move, businesses that had been there for years and paid taxes for years to the City of Carrollton. Every one of the council members was soon voted out of office except for the one individual who opposed that ordinance. Please support Frenchy, as he has supported the communitiy for all these years.

  2. Frances Bishop

    The City of Denton needs to remember that it exists to SERVE Denton. If the best they can do is to harass Frenchy despite the numerous things he does for this city, perhaps it is time for real change to the bureacracy that has taken over our city. Stand with Frenchy, or the next target could be any one of us!

  3. jason helal

    I stand with Frenchy. Shame on our code enforcement officials. This action is detrimental to the image of Denton as a destination for business. This action tears at the fabric of our community. I’m disappointed and ashamed for my hometown.

  4. Laura

    Shame on the City for doing this! I only recently moved to Denton, but the main reason I moved here was because Denton is “different.” Denton has a very unique atmosphere – of which people and business such as Frenchy’s are a huge part of. I do not know him personally, but have certainly seen their vans and driven by the location. I understand the need for city codes, and would not want the city to stop enforcing them. However, use some common sense for goodness sakes! The fact that the city would target someone like this kind of lessens my opinion of them… I hope this isn’t a trend!!!

  5. Joyce Roberts

    Our city council and code enforcement should be ashamed. Frenchy, his flags, and his orange vans are a big part of what makes Denton special and unique. He has done more for this community than most of the people that live here. I support Frenchy and believe he should be left alone.

  6. john

    The things Frenchy does for denton, are awesome, that said. Rules are rules, to be followed by everyone. And Frenchy is kind of a giant douche.

  7. Inga Lloyd

    Would someone please post the email addresses of the persons to contact to voice a complaint?


  8. Gary Grant

    TOO MANY US flags? You’re a real piece of garbage if you try to enforce that “code”. You should be ASHAMED at how petty you are. Leave Frenchy’s (and ALL OTHER US FLAG FLYERS) alone.

  9. Jessica

    Good lord it’s not like he’s flying some nazi commie KKK pride bullshit flag, it’s the freakin’ American flag. Who cares if you think it’s excessive, it’s just flags! Are the flags hurting anyone? NO. THEY ARE FLAGS. The worst they could hurt someone is the following:

    A) An insect or bird could be flying around and get really confused, especially if they are a newly flying insect and they have never encountered flags before. Perhaps, to birds, fish are like strange jellyfish and some have flag-phobias after a frightening early experience. If this is a thing that happens, then I pity the birds and insects that fly over his land because they probably have panic attacks all the time.

    B) Someone is OCD about counting all the stars on a flag and they stand in the middle of the road because they are distracted by the need to count more than a dozen flags worth of stars and they get hit by a car and they are paralyzed forever. But this is a strange scenario and wouldn’t be Frenchy’s fault anyway, and people who compulsively count stars on flags have helpfully learned to do so while standing on the sidewalk. If this was a common problem that happened frequently and many people had died I could understand people being asked to limit their flag decorations to one.

    C) I give up. Someone is a petty child who feels powerless and wants to scream at everyone how mad she is, if she can’t have her way she’ll shit on others.

    1. Jessica

      * “fish are like strange jellyfish” … thanks, autocorrect. actually, maybe FLAGS are like strange jellyfish.
      (it’s ok, it still doesn’t make sense, I know.)

  10. Kathy

    Too many Flags? How is that possibly illegal? Why can’t our laws err on the side of “Good” , people who support and encourage everything that makes this country great. Why do we feel pressured to respond to lone voice of dissension? Were that we all were as patriotic and giving as this one man has been. How utterly ridiculous that we have to “Fight” for the right to fly our American Flag. I stand with Frenchy.

  11. Julie

    This is insane and incredibly disappointing Denton. I have lived here my whole life and there are many many stores that look “different.” It’s part of what makes us Denton. If you want a “cleaner, cuter,” Denton to show off to your friends move down the road to Highland Village or something. (I love HV, just making a point.) If you can’t afford to move, get off your fake high horse and accept the fact that you live in one of the country’s best small towns and start being proud. It’s an amazing wonderful town. Love you Frenchy! How can we help?

  12. JD

    I support Frenchy and think this whole thing is stupid…but, with that said, this comment is the dumbest thing I’ve seen all day. Persecution complex much?

  13. Julie

    Also, so this is how we’re spending our tax dollars?? When Denton has MORE THAN DOUBLE the national average for rape. Probably much higher since so many go unreported. But that’s right Denton county didn’t prosecute the rapists of the recent sex trafficking case in Denton even though one is suspected to be a UNT professor. But no… Let’s hire 12 people to make the city more pretty.

  14. Karen Ventura

    This drama should cease ASAP! Americans unite and stand for values set by our forefathers. Frenchy, you are the epitome of what our nation can and should stand for, I will defend our flag every day. Praying every day for our country and our right to speak the truth. GOD BLESS AMERICA

  15. Jenny Hawkins

    It is disgraceful that Frenchie, of all people, is being targeted! I would drive don Dallas Drive to get to work specifically to see his place and read the trucks of fame! I have never met a more genuine,loving person! He is who we should all aspire to be!

    Stand up for Frenchie!!

  16. John MacEnulty

    I lived in Denton from 1985 to 1993. The entire time I lived there, Frenchy’s bright orange trucks were a common sight for me.

    As one who has worked as a code enforcement official with the City of St Louis for almost 20 years now, this seems like it’s overkill. Code Enforcement officials have some discretion, and have to learn to distinguish between a Code Enforcement concern and a civil matter.

  17. Jackie

    How about passing an ordinance, Denton, That says if you have a business in Denton, Tx you must fly an American flag to show you love America and our freedom to be patriotic! Maybe all homes in Denton and surrounding areas should fly our country’s symbol of freedom! We love Frenchy and ALL his flags! Who passed this ordinance and why now?

  18. Grayson

    This is just sad…

    I say if this does go through, we should all support Frenchy in geting the largest American Flag allowed.

  19. Gregory Baker

    Have we really gone this far? Shame on the city of Denton and any other City that compares the Red, White and Blue to a “wind device”. Seriously? Has anyone on the city council been overseas or visited another country? The first sign all Americans relate to is the Red, White and Blue. Thanks Frenchy for being a beacon of light in a dark city, ESPECIALLY for our Veterans (which I am) and for those still serving.

  20. Jim Charles

    As a Patriot and Vietnam Vet, I find this a shameful discussion. I was asked to remove my uniform when I came back from Vietnam for safety reasons.

    After 9/11 I thought the country had learned its past sins and moved forward. Looks like we are embarrassed to stand up for what’s right. Perhaps we can learn something from the Canadian Parliament who stood up for the former Mounty who saved lives. Patriotism is important! Just do the right thing and get on with it.

  21. Kathleen Mayfield

    This is a classic example of someone who has a little power trying to weild it for their own petty purposes. What will they gain from such a maneuver? They have failed to calculate the cost; the ill will and resentment toward the city that will result and why, because someone in their city loves America and isn’t afraid to show it. Shame on all those associated in this pathetic waste of time and energy that could be spent building community instead of tearing it apart!

  22. Frances Bishop

    Keep pressure on the City Council as well. Write the letters, remind them that we vote, and that we will remember.

  23. Kurt Klein

    I went to school at UNT and called Denton home for nearly 4 years I love the town. Frenchy is an institution and icon in Denton what dork suddenly has a problem with American flags flying!? Pull your head out of your backside Denton, don’t be like other municipalities and reward faithful stewardship with asshole, shortsighted behavior!


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