Dentoning….Planning its future

Denton is growing fast and everything points to it continuing to do so. With that in mind, the City of Denton has put together an endeavor to see that the growth works to the advantage of our great city. This project is called Denton Plan 2030 ( A volunteer group of Denton citizens was assembled and tasked with coming up with a vision/plan of what Denton could look like from now until 2030 and beyond.

Denton Plannimg

Denton Plan 2030

It is estimated that there will be an additional 94,000 Denton residents by 2030. NINETY-FOUR THOUSAND. With that number of people added to our current population and to our town’s infrastructure, what do we need to do to prepare so that Denton continues to be the wonderful place we enjoy living? That was the question posed to the diverse group of volunteers in Phase 1 of Denton Plan 2030. During several gatherings, this group looked at changes which must take place to accommodate the influx of people and at the same time retain the unique livability of Denton. City government, traffic, housing, green space, culture and preservation were a few of the areas considered. Ideas, pros/cons, visions, and hopes were collected and a draft of a city plan was born.

Denton Plan 2030 is now in Phase 2. In this phase, public forums are being held to get feedback from a wider cross-section of Dentonites. These forums are your chance to review the plan and the various options developed during Phase 1. Do we want a more compact, user-friendly Denton? Do we want more growth outside “the loop”? Do we want growth along corridors? We’ll need new roads, parks, libraries, public buildings and housing. All this and much, much more needs to be considered and a solid plan put into place……….and YOU can help.

The next community forum is scheduled for Saturday, November 9 from 9am to 11am. This is your chance to help plot the future of our incredible town. The meetings are fun, informative and will help shape Denton’s future. If at all possible, try to make the next one………..

Enjoy Denton!!! (for years to come)

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