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Denton is what it is partially because of politics…….which makes politics part of Dentoning! Politics in Denton has always been interesting, from the mayor who became mayor due to Ed McMahon showing up on his stoop one day to a mayoral candidate being indicted for FELONY malfeasance. The “P” word often gets people riled up, but in Denton it can be phun…..

local yocalIn our latest race for city council, the same indicted individual mentioned above struck again. Bob Clifton is a local (he lives in Corinth) who loves to stir things up. The Denton Record-Chronicle has called Mr. Clifton “the Foghorn Leghorn of Denton politics”. He has been known to call members of the Denton city council “terrorists” and “criminals” during public comments portions of council meetings, claim addresses as his domicile when they were not and to go to great expense to distribute crude door-hangers on the homes of Denton residents.

Why does he do this? No one seems to know other than Mr. Clifton and a few of his cohorts. It is somewhat ironic that Bob calls anyone a “criminal” considering his long history with law enforcement across the country. Mr. Clifton has caused a lot of problems for people through the years, but his latest antics backfired on him.

For some unknown reason, Bob doesn’t like newly-elected city councilman, Joey Hawkins very much. Bob has a habit of calling the residency of Denton candidates into question in hopes of having them disqualified in whatever political race they may be in. Bob has continually claimed that Mayor Mark Burroughs does not live in Denton despite proof positive to the contrary. Irony strikes again here, because Bob Clifton was indicted in December 2010 on a misdemeanor record-tampering charge based on evidence that he didn’t live at the Denton address he claimed as his residence on a 2010 candidate application. Mr. Clifton was subsequently issued a $300 fine for record-tampering.

Well, you guessed it, Bob claimed that Mr. Hawkins was not a resident of District 4 when he registered to run for councilman for that district. This time, Clifton sent out the slick mailer (posted below) to voters throughout Denton. The claim of non-residency on the part of Mr. Hawkins was false, but that didn’t stop Mr. Clifton from throwing out the accusation to see if it would stick. It didn’t. This humble blogger even pointed Mr. Clifton to the City’s file on Mr. Hawkins which contained records disproving Bob’s claim.



In a stroke of genius, Joey Hawkins decided to turn Mr. Clinton’s negativity into something positive for Denton. the following was posted on Mr. Hawkins’ website and Facbook page and subsequently flew around Denton in a whirlwind of forwards, tweets, shares, calls and emails.

“Many of you have called today about fliers you received in the mail. These fliers were mailed out by Bob Clifton, whom the Denton Record-Chronicle has called “the Foghorn Leghorn of Denton politics”. The mailer questions my qualification to run for city council based on the length of my residency in District 4. I have lived at 923 Ridgecrest in Southridge since July 2011, almost a year longer than the year required. Not even my honorable opponent, Phil Kregel, questions this.

So, let’s turn this attempted malfeasance into something positive for Denton. If you received one of these fliers, adorned evidently by a self portrait of Mr. Clifton, please bring it in to Jupiter House between now and closing on Saturday, and Jupiter House will donate $1.00 to Serve Denton and you will receive a free cup of in-house coffee!! Donations to Serve Denton will also be accepted in Mr. Clifton’s name! I will prominently display the documents accepted by the city proving the length of my residency…. This will be fun!

Keep Denton Positive!!!


imageOn the day this went out, Jupiter House either donated or received donations to the tune of $300 for Serve Denton. What a cool way to turn a negative into a positive. The people of Denton are it’s soul. They are the larger part of what makes Denton such a great place to live, and the nice thing is, there is room for everyone!

(Mr. Clifton was unavailable for comment)

Enjoy Denton and Keep Denton Positive!

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